From blog : Tony Redmond’s Exchange Unwashed

If you’re an Exchange administrator who has to cope with the slings and arrows of outrageous Apple technology, aka the iPhones and iPads that have become essential business equipment over the last few years, you could do worse by placing an early order for iPhone with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 – Business Integration and Deployment.

The chapters are as follows:

1. Introduction to Exchange 2010 and iOS devices.
2. Implementation and Architecture Planning (for the deployment of Exchange 2010 and iOS)
3. Connecting iOS devices to Exchange 2010 (includes the basic networking configuration that’s required)
4. Connecting iOS devices to Exchange Online/Office 365 (includes setting up an Office 365 domain and testing connectivity to the new domain)
5. Creating and enforcing ActiveSync policies
6. Configuring certificate based authentication for Exchange 2010
7. Provisioning iOS client devices using the iPhone configuration utility
8. Sharing mailboxes and calendars
9. iOS client device management