Well in my case it looked like an error in the web console installation. Just removed it and installed it again without much extra and went into the web.config file again and set the values. I tried to set it to 3 minutes and that worked. Used 0 and it did not time-out anymore. Have confirmed it just working on another machine which didnt have anything broken 🙂 Also works.

So I am thinking two things here. Either you might have something wrong in the install somehow or you are editting the wrong portion of the web.config file.

To confirm the last thing, just open the web.config file in path:
C:\Program Files\System Center 2012\Operations Manager\WebConsole\WebHost\web.config

Next do a find for the entry ”autoSignOutInterval”. If you find it three times you likely did not edit the right portion of the configuration. If you find it four times, there is a chance you have the right one 🙂 The first entry has two lines above it the word Schema. That is an example. The next two entries are a description of what autoSignOutInterval stands for. ABout 20 lines further down is this entry:

--><connection autoSignOutInterval="0"><session encryptionKey="SessionEncryptionKey"><overrideTicket encryptionKey="OverrideTicketEncryptionKey"/></session>
            <managementServer name="localhost"/></connection><!--

If you have not editted this file it doesnt have the autoSignOutInterval entry there. As you see in the code there it is a small code piece set in between two bigger comment blocks of text.

Also after you do this change and press Save, do an IISRESET from a command prompt. Or reboot the box.


Try to find this piece of code in the web.config file about 40 lines below where I think you copied your code block from:


In the empty Connection tag just add your timeout string. The piece of txt you copied looks like the example entry in the txt above, which is also in the same file.